Graphic Design

Bespoke graphics to make you stand out

At Robin’s Egg Studio, we use a combination of traditional and digital media to create bespoke graphics and imagery that stand out. Our process typically begins with a carefully crafted drawing or painting using traditional tools, and then is elevated digitally for finesse, dimension, and impact. This method results in a unique product that will elevate your posters, pamphlets, websites, shows, and more.

Aurora Fox Season 37

The Aurora Fox is a local theater company in Colorado that typically puts out six shows per season. Robin’s Egg Studio was commissioned to create posters for their 37th season shows, including the three shown here (from left to right): “Hundred Days,” “the Aurora Fox Cabaret Series,” and “Freaky Friday the Musical.”

ITP Showcase Posters

These posters were created for ITP’s semi-annual student showcase. Both were created with a combination of digital and physical media.