Interactive Design

Connect and explore

Are you an adventurer? A puzzler? A sleuth? Do you live for the experiences that surprise you? If so, you’ll love our interactive designs! Robin’s Egg Studio takes ideas to the next level. These projects connect viewers with their environments, transforming them from spectators into explorers!

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In this charming little interactive adventure, guests interface with an adorable quadropus to help him escape from a hole.

Dear Curiosity

Have you ever stared out of a window, wistfully imagining the soundtrack to your internal monologue playing around you as though you were a character in a movie? Our “Dear Curiosity” project is like a museum-ready version of that experience. Guests interact with the items on the table, triggering different videos in response. Take a nostalgic journey with our martian rover and feel immersed in the memories.

Lock Box

This puzzle lock was created to enhance immersion in a fantasy world. You can be the hero and solve the puzzle too!

    “You heroes have journeyed far and wide,

     Through smoke and blaze and wounded pride!

    You fought, though nearly felled like trees

    To safely return to these mountain majesties.”

Lock Box Puzzle Wheel

Train Heist

Hack the train controls to complete the heist!