Video Editing

Tell your story with film


Got a project idea that needs cutting down to size? Let us help! We’ll get your ideas formatted and edited into video projects you’ll be excited to share.

Shalom Park Fundraiser Project

Robin’s Egg conducted over two dozen interviews with residents and staff of Shalom Park Nursing Home and Elder Community for a four-part video series about working through the challenges of COVID. In this video, one couple shows us some of the ways Shalom Park helps its occupants continue to thrive.

Gingerbread Baking

Making gingerbread dough for Camp Christmas with Lonnie Hanzon.

Edible Paints

Making edible spice paints with Ryan Madson from the Museum of Food and Culture, featuring a special guest!

Quarantine Machine

A lockdown collaboration project featuring twelve different Rube Goldberg devices, assembled with the magic of editing into one continuous machine.